some of my sketching concepts

parts of the ideation sketches for my thesis project
shark inspired iron concept 
(marker based sketch with PSD finish)
soccer shoe concept consisting of an outer hardcase and a soft sock part 
some quick sketchbook doodles 
sketching concepts 2020 - 4th semester
Finishing up my previous quick sketches underneath for some more detailed description of my idea.
For this smart home assistant concept we had 2 hours time to get an idea and visualize it using our preferred tool. 
I chose Autodesk Sketchbook to show the idea of having the possibility to take your personal PSY with you wherever you go.
3rd semester
marker sketches with photoshop finish
This semester it was our task to decide for two topics or products and to design them our own. My decision was made in favor of a downhill mountain bike helmet, with which I wanted to be inspired by the shape and design background of the POC company. And a basketball shoe, which should have particular stability due to its special binding system. At this project I wanted to be inspired by the sports company Adidas. It was the task to layout a design plot, using manual sketches and manual renderings mostly and finishing it up using Adobe Photoshop.
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