work for SUSHI BIKES

Product & Brand Design

This ain't just a bike brand.

This page shows only a few excerpts of my working time at SUSHI BIKES within the fields of product and brand design, all image and design rights are held by SUSHI Mobility GmbH.

I am beyond grateful for a very educational and enjoyable time in the midst of a growing and welcoming team in the heart of Munich. 

SUSHI BIKES 3.0 Manual
design highlights and color ideation​​​​​​​
It ain't just a bike.
SUSHI BIKES merch collection 2022
be kind and bike​​​​​​​
SUSHI BIKES general packaging guidelines for own production parts and accessories
creative campaign
Germany's first ever AI-based marketing campaign
"Nie wieder dumm dastehen."
© all Copyrights belong to SUSHI Mobility GmbH, Munich
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